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It's not easy to break your limits
It's not easy to jump over a day
Not easy to hold crying
Not easy not to think, to accept

It's easiest not to see
It's simplest not to hear
To throw dreams away, to throw away memories

To leave sun, birds, water and stars
Not to think about others, to think about yourself
Not to look for a way out-help
To cross a border of life and death by yourself


Emptiness, loneliness, lack of knowledge and fear
Spoiled thoughts circle around one thing
Helpless, alone among millions
Thrown away, despised by those who you loved

Step to the back or to the front
To clench fists, to make a revenge
To close eyes, be silent
All and nothing, lack of solution

Mistakes from the past are your burden
Still dirty, covered with tears
Despite sun still rising everyday
There is a darkness, sadness, grief and embarrassment


"The End"
This is not the end
We are still standing here
Still not defeated
Cleared from blame
Next ones go away
We don't care
It is easier to ignore
Than to defend your own life

I don't want to listen to that
Don't say "it's worth nothing"
When everyday I try to break away
From borders forced by them
I don't have illusions
That I will find happiness here
But I can't forget about what is most important


Never-you will be able to hide
Crime- on weak and hungry
Beaten up-by batons of riot cops
Destroyed-by your reality

Rubber bullets and gas

Again- we will raise our fists
Again-we will defeat our fears
Again- we will stand face to face
Again- we will defeat time!

There will not be a justice without peace
Cordons of your servants will not suppress our anger


Comfortable life takes away a will to fight
Without sign of rebellion everyday life goes
Don't look to your past, there is nothing there
For the prize of submission, you got rid of your conscience

Hatred in eyes, clenched teeth
Fists ready, weapon in arm's reach
We wait for the moment that words will end
Hopes will be fulfilled and world will become a spring


Believe even today,
That you are better than him
Not to ask it's easiest
Doesn't matter why
His nation is worse
Yours is on the top
They want you to think that way
Though all your life

Freedom for people
Instead of borders for profit
Global resistance
Against global oppression

Most common activity
To defend own necks
Show fault of those
Who don't have a chance to defend
Turn attention of some
Close mouth of others
Europe is free
But not for everyone
Problems are here
Even closer than you think
Borders divide people
Not including money
It's easier for rich to steal
From those who live in misery anyway
Next curtain on East
Now it is more subtle
It divides in a same way like old one
And its unnecessary in a same way
Dividing into races and religions
Happened already once
We can't let it happen again



I don't have illusions
That I can change something
Despite of that I will feed you with my attacks
For all those hurt bodies
For all those bleeding wounds

Enough words, enough asking

Apocalypse is inevitable
Drops of rain will not wash sings of blood
Wind brings announcement of Babylon's fall
Sometimes I am ashamed that I am


"Dead Point"
On start line put yourself
Great race has started
Great race where YOU
Will play one of main roles

It can't be worse
Worse it cannot be

Dead point- choose to have or to be
Dead point-what way to go
Dead point- you have your own mind
Dead point-choose for yourself

Someone pours fundament
Not from my sweat, not from my blood
To place where still today
After eight hours I will loose my power

Passport for dreams or lost time
When will you reach your desired state?
When weight of richness will break your neck
You will see that tijme passed was not worth anything


free- to be hungry
free- to be homeless
free- to have no job
or to work hard for the rich to get wealthier

capitalism kills

free- to konsume more
free- not to stop believing in lies
free- to be a part of this machine
that steals not being gulity

kill- not to be killed
steal- not to be robbed
deceive- not to be deceived
that is the law, that is capitalism


so many years have passed, and nothing is changed
needed only
for cleaning and breeding
the same force that ignited stakes
today created reality
legalising opression

double effort- at home and at work
that is liberation - patriarchate, capitalism

it allows to buy love at hotel or by phone
forces to give everything or to pay by perishing
with brother- gain and son- the man
it allows to rule by decoy and scar

in the name of tradition and in the eye of the law
double opression is a bleeding wound


"Forgotten Wars"
brutal executions
somewhere in the end of the world
on the other side of earth
or just behind the wall
just in the city centre
or in primeval mountains
atrocious on the street
or behind prison walls

forgotten wars
holocoust of those who are not meek
hope murdered
the idea of justice
forgotten long ago

sometimes i would like
my words to
wake our thoughts ahout forgotten wars up


"The System is Burning"
this system is already burning
feed the fire
this system is already burning
i feed the fire

look- reality
nothing of any value counts
if it is not gain
there is no exit for you today
you know your only destination
if you won't go to achieve it
you will get your face spit

it is not the machine that is strong
it is us who are weak
if we won't try
we are already lost
everything depends on me
i won't do anything alone here
i wish everyone had
more luck than wounds

i wish every being
paralised with fear
could break out from opression
and live according to it's own laws
it is our lack of our opposal
and lack of solidarity
they treat as permission
for their foul deeds
this structure is sick
its foundations began to rot
we can help it to fall
if we learn how to live

it is lasting too long
i hope it is the end
the begining is near
this system is already burning

this system is already burning
feed the fire
this system is already burning
i feed the fire

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