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First question:
Slowa We Krwi is: vocalist, guitarist, bass player and drummer. In my opinion our personal data is not an important element. We are just a bunch of friends who want to convey some message, and it's the only thing that counts.

Tell the story of your band:
the story began in 1998, when just like hundreds of guys like us we thought that apart from fighting nazis, walking to gigs and listening to music we will make a band. I 1999, after many changes at the place of a person using microphone, we played on our first gig. We played on few gigs ( every one with a different vocalist ), since some major changes in the band hapened, and those persons who joined the band belong to it now.

What does the name of the band mean
the name Slowa We Krwi )words in blood) is the name of Polish-Jewish poets Julian Tuwim volume of poetry. I think his production is worth reading, particularly becouse a part of his poetry is involved in social life. There will be a song with one of his texts on our new album.

What are your lyrics about and who wrote them?
The lyrics as our music, is a reaction on the reality. We try to convey our emotions we feel every day. We intend to speak about tings that are important for us, we don't want to persuade anyone to do something, it is more important to share with others what we notice around us. Nowadays, when relations between people are reduced to internet and cellar phones showing emotions and sharing uor thoughts with others is very important. Some might think or do something and some might turn off the stereo as a popular punk band once sang.

What do you do with Dececentrum squat?
the band is connected with that place as long as it exists. Some of us participates actively in DeCentrum collective actions. The band takes with pleasure often plays at gigs that are organised there. Money that is earned by the band are spent on Food Not Bombs action connected with DeCentrum squat. I invite everyone on the website:

What style do you play?
the band SLowa We Krwi is a punkband, music we play is a result of what we listen to. In my opinion we can be desribed as a hardcore with roots deep in punk music, what doesn't mean that someone can finds some other influence there. Listening to our records is the best way to check if my words are true

What do you do besides playing in a band?
Some of us work, some finish studies. Some of us take part in some actions like Food Not Bombs, Anarchist Blak Cross, Anarchist Federation, Skowyt, make gigs or play in other bands.

Where and when did you play gigs? I you were abroad, what can you say about the punk movement there?
i think that it makes not sense to say what gigs that we played, we play gigs more and more often and it makes us very happy. Speaking about going abroad- we were in Belarus. I was very interesting experience for us. We already knew some people from Grodno who were coming on our gigs, but going to play there was something different. We live rather near, it is only several kilometres to Grodno, but it wasn't often that we could visit our friends on the other side of border. It made us very happy that guys from Minks invited us on the gig. The scene in Belarus is different than in Poland. There is plenty of young people, their reactions on our music are much more spontaneously than people in Poland. It is probably becouse gigs are performed very rarely. It is also interesting how the scene is influenced with different kinds of music. I visited Belarus few times during the last 1.5 year and I could see how fast and how many people calling themselfes SE resiging from abstinance, begin to dress in black and listen to crust, and then they cut their hair and start wearing braces.... it is not band, but it makes me think... It was very pleasant to play for such an audience, despite the fact that militia threatened that they are going to brake the gig and we had to finish faster.

How can you describe the punk movement in Poland?
The punk scene in Poland begins to be similar to that in western Europe. It starts to have good and bad sides of western scene. All the changes that the scene is going through can be faced in two ways. There is more and more gigs and more places where they can be made, but boredom starts to show, peoples reactions on music is less energetic. It is easier to contact with the band using graphically good zines and websites, but it also created a situation when people don't want new music and come to the gigs of fashionable or already known bands. The bands are technically better but the audience is used to it and it is much more fastidious and the bands that pay less attention to their music or are just fresh. I hope that there will be more prons, and less cons, that there will be less things that make the scene smaller, less interesting, and what is most important, true.

What do you think about DIY?
The band fully supports the DIY idea- the idea that makes everybody trying to be as much responsible for his life as possible and in this case production through doing it yourself or letting people we trust doing it, not the people we are conected only with money. We will remain DIY as long the band Slowa We Krwi will exist.

Do you think that it is better to fight fascism, nazism, racism with force like they do, or with pacifism?
I think that the way of reaction depends on situation. Sometimes better effects are achieved with leaflets, sometimes direct actions. In my opinion everyone should make such decisions alone. It is most important not to stay indifferent and not to accidentally hurt someone in the name of right ideals.

Do you have any records? How can we get them?
Our records are relatively new, the title is TERAZ(now) in Trujaca Fala ( You may also try to contact me in this matter (

Something at the end?
THANK YOU very much for being interested in our band. We send our greetings to the editorship of this zine and also Ruslan, Nikita and other hardcore punks from Minsk. Do your job... good luck... hi
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